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360 Degrees of Wisdom

Charting Your Destiny With The Sabian Oracle
by Lynda Hill

400 Page book comes with a set of Oracle cards

If you enjoy using the online Sabian Oracle, you're in for a treat with Lynda's book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom as the book contains far more information and advice than the on-line Oracle. You can share the book with friends, use it anywhere you go and watch what happens. The Sabian Symbols are extraordinary for insight, revelation and guidance. Miracles, big and small, happen in your life when you tap into their field. With the Sabian Symbols, you're not only tapping into the circle of the zodiac, but also into what Marc Edmund Jones - the founder of the Sabian Symbols with Elsie Wheeler, the spiritualist medium - called an 'ancient mind matrix'.

Seekers can find answers to their questions and commune with spirit in a surprisingly wonderful way. The book is big at 400 pages. Each page has five sections; Commentary, Oracle, Keywords, The Caution and quotes to illustrate the Symbol. There are some 3,500 quotes in the book.

In The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees of Wisdom, Australian astrologer Lynda Hill introduces the first easy-to-use guide based on the 360 Sabian Symbols and their meaning. Just like the Tarot and the I Ching, The Sabian Oracle is designed to answer any questions you may have, and often provides answers to the questions you didn't think to ask!

Though the Oracle is based on the signs of the zodiac, no knowledge of astrology is necessary: you can simply ask a question , then pick a red and a blue card from the specially designed pack of cards included with the book, and look up the answer in the book.

The Symbols can lead you to the answers you seek. More accessible than the Tarot and more relevant to modern life than the I Ching, The Sabian Oracle will stun you with its accuracy and intuitive guidance, providing you with a tool to guide you on your journey through life.

For a limited time only, you can order the book and cards set from Lynda through Paypal and she will sign them for you personally. To purchase choose your delivery area
In the new year, orders will be directed to the distributor Palmer Higgs. If you want alternate ways of paying, or, want to buy multiple copies, please

Throughout history people have created intuitive guidance tools that reflected the vibration of their culture and their times: the I Ching in China; the Runes in Scandinavia; the Tarot in early Europe. Now we have the The Sabian Oracle, more accessible than the Tarot and more relevant to modern life than the I Ching; the Sabian Symbols are a tool to help us discover what’s going on and why, and to lead us to greater self-awareness.

Renowned worldwide as both an uncanny divination system and an insightful tool for astrologers, the Sabian Symbols were channeled in San Diego in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones, a well reknowned and respected astrologer, and Elsie Wheeler, a spiritualist medium. They consist of 360 word images corresponding to the 360 degrees of the zodiac (each zodiac sign comprising of 30 degrees). Although the Symbols have their origin in astrology, where Lynda is now regarded as a world expert in their use and interpretation, absolutely no knowledge of astrology is necessary to use the Sabian Oracle.           

The Sabian Oracle can be used to gain insights into the future, analyse the present, understand yourself and others and generally keep in tune with the rhythms of life. This book is perfect for both the divination beginner and expert, and is very easy to use. The Sabian Oracle is great fun to use in groups, and equally suited to being consulted in solitude.

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About Oracles 

The word "oracle" comes from the Latin word meaning "to pray". It is also connected to the word for mouth. An oracle is described in Webster's Dictionary as being 'a divine announcement' and 'the medium by which a god reveals hidden knowledge or makes known the divine purpose'. Further, it is said to be 'an authoritative or wise statement or prediction'. In essence an oracle is a tool that allows a conversation with divine forces. They give us signposts and maps so that we can make better, more informed choices in life. In truth, we have the answers to the questions we ask inside of us; however we often need the answers to come through a vehicle outside of ourselves. Oracles have been 'read' from an incredible array of objects including stones, bones, tea-leaves, coins, sticks, the backs of tortoise shells and cards. Now we have the Sabian Oracle, which gives us a direct route into issues that reflect our modern era.

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