Mars On The Girl’s Face Smiling: Scorpio 16


Girl SmilingJust as I started to write this, someone on the TV said that something was ‘taking away his smile’… Mars here, on this degree and heading towards Saturn, can have us feeling that we haven’t been smiling much lately – like something has been ‘taking away our smile’.

Have you been smiling lately? Are you finding it a bit difficult to keep up a happy facade? Sometimes meeting up with others can remind us of our smile and bring us back to the need to radiate happiness rather than the difficulties we may be experiencing. I don’t think that masking unhappiness with a fake smile is the way, but I do think that finding your smile in the middle of the difficulties you may be facing can help. The guy on the TV is now saying that some people have to stop and notice what they are doing – are they being nasty? Unkind? Unfair to others?

That the Girl’s Face Is Breaking Into A Smile indicates that she isn’t always smiling, r that smiling is an issue.. especially with Mars here…

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the necessity of, putting on a happy face, smiling and being warm and welcoming. The fact that the “Girl’s Face is Breaking” into a smile implies that she may not always be smiling; she may not always have things to smile about. However, the act of smiling helps to draw people closer; to give people permission to get to know you. Smiling is the simple sense of inner happiness shining through. But this is more than just an expression of pleasure or joy, it is the expression of your ability to choose between happiness and unhappiness and then choosing to express it. Smile and see how things change. True smiling can be infectious and lighten the mood of those around you.

Drawing others. Willingness to relate. Things that make one happy. Breaking the ice. Smiling or frowning? Facial expressions. Facial feedback. Eye contact. Dental hygiene.

The Caution: False happiness to satisfy others’ needs. Lack of sincerity. Breaking up. Rigidity of responses. Grumpy attitudes. Refusal to communicate. Poker faces. Frowns.

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Venus On Leo 12: An Evening Lawn Party Of Adults

Venus is on one of the ‘Cinderella’ degrees – the 12th degree of fixed = 11+ Taurus, 11+ Leo, 11+ Scorpio or 11+ Aquarius. If you check out the 12 degree of Evening Lawn Partyfixed, you’ll see that the theme is very much about the issue of ‘Cinderella’ – are you at the party? Do you have an invite? Do you know people? Do you feel ‘invited’? Are you feeling worthy of fitting in?

Venus is on Leo 12 = 11+ Leo = AN EVENING LAWN PARTY OF ADULTS

This Symbol shows having fun, relaxing and socializing with people, usually in an informal setting, although this could sometimes imply formal ones. Give the rigors of the work routine a rest. Having a drink, eating some food, sharing a chat and gossip, meeting new people, networking and catching up with friends is good for the soul. Relaxation is great, especially where there is no need for pretense. Of course, you may be the host of the party and you may have to provide a venue, food, drinks and entertainment. Still, you should get to enjoy the moment and mix with people.

Rising above superficiality into receptivity. Enjoying social settings. Formal versus impromptu. Catering. Leisure time. Conversations. Invitation lists. Socializing.

The Caution: Superficiality where things are known but not said out loud. Appearance and social standing too important. Ignoring or evading issues. Political correctness.

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Chiron On Pisces 17: The Resurrection Of Hope And Faith Degree

Chiron (the Wounded Healer but also The Stories That We Tell Ourselves) is on Pisces 17: AN EASTER PROMENADE

easter promenadeWith Chiron here, the ‘us and them’ mentality can take hold – ‘we have a better religion than them’ ‘we are rather more holier than thou’ – all those kinds of things can come up. However, there can also be a resurrection of hope, dreams and beliefs…

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to regularly join with others in order to celebrate your community’s religious, spiritual or cultural ideas. To “Promenade” is to take a leisurely walk. That it’s done at “Easter” reveals that at times in your life there will be a need to resurrect some of your hopes and dreams and visions and missions in order to bring them back into your life and to give them shape and form. There is regularly a need to share with others to celebrate your community’s religious or spiritual aspirations and ideals. No matter how structured or organized this celebration is, if it’s done with joy and warmth of feeling, it will inspirit the group, infusing them with a sense of emotional unity.

Renewed faith in life. Rising from fear and loss. Public holidays. Celebrations. Fertility rites of Spring. Resurrections. Phoenix rising from the ashes. Gatherings with friends.

The Caution: Superficial shows of unity. Doing things because everyone else is. Feeling lost, alone and forsaken in the crowd. Guilt trips. Exclusion of other faiths.

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The Sun On Leo 29: The Awaiting One’s Prince Degree


The Fisherman And The Siren - Lord Frederick LeightonDo you feel a little left behind? Is there a feeling of having not “made it” in life? Are you waiting for something to come to rescue you from your situation? Do you feel like it has to happen now or it may not happen at all? Is there a sense of leaving the past behind in order to find a new sense of reality that is far better, more rewarding and includes more love? This was the degree of Princess Diana’s Moon’s north node…btw, the painting I associate with this degree is one of my all time favourites… The Fisherman And The Siren by Frederic Leighton…

This Symbol shows the desire to find a partner or a place in the world where you feel you belong and you contribute. Finding a place to ‘come ashore’ in life, establish a career and a life that feels worthwhile can take some time. You will be able to make sense of your intuitive or creative thoughts as you grow and find both your feet and your voice. In finally being able to verbalize things into rational expression, you will be creating things from your intuitive wisdom. However, there needs to be a caution against expecting others to verify your existence through your relationship with them. Being self reliant whilst inviting others into your life is the balance here.

Coming into conscious form. New ways of being. Transformation. Emerging evolution. Finding love in difficult times. Waiting for one’s “prince” or “princess” to come.

The Caution: Focusing on social aspects of life before being ready, or mature enough, to accept them. Naivety. Feeling you don’t exist if not in relationship. Bleak conditions and loneliness.

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Mercury On The Expectations Of One’s Self And Others Degree: Virgo 11

A Child Molded In Their Parents AspirationsThe Sabian Symbol for Mercury is Virgo 11: CHILDREN MOLDED IN THEIR PARENT’S ASPIRATIONS FOR THEM

Do you feel that you have to live up to other’s expectations? Is there someone that is dictating how you should act, what you should say, how you should perform? Do you feel tired of having to strive for those expectations, when really, you might want to be doing something altogether different from what is expected of you? Is someone hovering over someone, wanting to catch them out for the slightest infraction from the rules that they have put into place? What about a sense of sovereignty?

There’s a sense of having to live up to the expectations of others. Sometimes it’s fine to be molded by our parents, but often this is not a true reflection of our own creative potential. The ‘mother’ often misses the point of the true potential of her offspring and may be projecting her own unlived life.

Feelings of being directed and protected on one’s journey or being shaped against one’s free will. Plastic, or emotional, surgery. Parents as patterns.

The Caution: Remaining tied to the apron strings. Conforming to social expectations.

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Mercury On Virgo 9: An Expressionist Painting Making A Futuristic Drawing


Expressionist Painter Making A Futuristic DrawingWhat is it that you are planning? What are you creating, churning out, outlining, in your life? How do you see things panning out? Do you see what is going on around you? Are you aware of the subtle differences in what outcomes may come from certain activities? Are you the creator of your future?

This Symbol shows a talent or propensity to make drawings or plans for the future, or for being able to see what’s coming up in the future. Individuality and originality seem to be the uppermost requirements. Although a wonderful degree often showing talent, the trick can be that you can get drawn into what you’re doing, dreaming things up to the point where you exclude other priorities in life. Draw up your plans for the future with an eye to what you want or what’s desirable. How do they look? Have you considered everything? Even against the pressure for a traditional response, it is your individual creativity that is needed.

Creativity and plans projected into the future. Seeing things ahead of their time. Being unrestricted by reality. Artists, architects and engineers. Plans, schemes, blueprints.

The Caution: Focusing on tomorrow and not seeing the reality of the value of today. Plans that often come to nothing. Living in your mind. Getting lost in abstractions.

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Venus On The Early Morning Dew Degree – Leo 10


morning dew in balboa parkThis can be a rather rough degree in that one can feel a bit lost and that your eyes are just opening up after a period of feeling like you’ve been kept in the dark. The ‘long night of the soul’ can be shown in this Symbol – but here we are, we are now finding the ‘Early Morning Light’ and we can begin to see with fresh eyes and move forward towards our objectives, perhaps with a fresh goal in sight. Perhaps with some people that were with us before gone now…

This Symbol shows the relief, joy and motivation that can come from going through cold and difficult times, even dark struggles, and waking up to things being “sunnier” and warmer and full of promise. This is a time of freshness when the “air” (the newly awakened mind) is crisp and the “ground” (the refreshed and renewed body) readies itself for a new round of activity. The rewards may be transitory, so enjoy the good times when they come and salute the more difficult periods as being times of testing and learning. You are likely to go through times when the nights seem very long but there is always the reward of dawn as the sun rises again on a brand new day.

Refreshment after ‘the long night of the soul’. Dawn meditations bringing inspiration. Awakening energies signaling new beginnings. Changing emotions. Counseling.

The Caution: Not letting go of difficult situations. Persisting with problems that have been solved. Feeling that the worst is going to happen all the time. Depression.

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Children Playing Around Mounds Of Sand: Mars On Scorpio 15


Children Playing Around 5 Mounds Of SandAre you feeling like ‘hiding away’? Not going out, but, rather, staying at home? laying hide and go seek with life, with others? Contemplating what it means to be alive, perhaps? Sad that there is so much enmity and discord in the world?

This Symbol shows “Children” at “Play”, enjoying them selves in a natural setting. Nowadays, the true art of play has largely been forgotten or lost. We have the apparent need for more and more toys or gadgets in order to bring joy. Much is learnt through letting go and allowing your self to experience the joy found naturally in the company of others. You may have the potential for greater things, but don’t sometimes understand what they are. Development takes time and latent talent eventually leads to greater things. You will fulfill your potential, but you must start at the beginning. Joining with friends helps as everyone brings their own creative talents along with them.

Creative integration of new ideas. Interacting with others. Playing hide and go seek. Playgrounds. Crop circles. The desert. Shifting sand. Rituals. American Indian rites.

The Caution: Being too serious. Not seeing life’s light-hearted side. Not knowing how to play. Not committing to anything seriously. Brooding and hiding. Mourning over childhood lost.

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The Sun On Many Little Birds And Their Messages: Leo 28

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Leo 28: MANY LITTLE BIRDS ON THE LIMB OF A LARGE TREE

Many Little Birds In A TreeAre you hearing what’s really being said? Does it all make sense? Is it all true, or at least ‘ring true’? Are there too many noises and voices around you? Are you really tuned in or just listening to a whole lot of static?

This Symbol shows many people and many voices around and a gathering together with those of like mind, although sometimes you’re forced to be with people who don’t share the same mindset or goals. There seem to be so many possibilities or ways to go in your life. Although the overall situation is secure and stable there will still be some confusions to be resolved. You may be vulnerable to lots of chatter going on in your mind, or having too many thoughts or people, their voices or their needs to consider. Try to relax and gain some perspective until things become more settled as not all that you see or hear is going to be worth thinking about or pursuing.

Gathering with people. Sharing ideas. Multilevel marketing. Big business. Government and bureaucracy. Databases. Switchboards. The internet and chat groups. Birds. Trees.

The Caution: Being confused or immobilized. Too much advice or information. Too many voices. Having trouble hearing the essential truth. A scattering of energies.

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Venus On The Glass Blowers Degree: Leo 9


Glass BlowersWhat are you breathing your life into? What creations are you making? Are you being careful with the things your life is creating? Are you mindful of your breathing, your breath? Do you take time to make the things that make your heart sing?

This Symbol shows situations where one can make beautiful creations from a spirituality or creativity that springs from deep within your self. Whatever you’re attempting, using your inner spiritual energies can shape creations or situations into something worthwhile. It is through controlled use of these energies that you will be able to craft things to be the way you want. Hurrying or pushing things can lead to less than desirable outcomes. Care needs to be taken; the work needs to be done with precision in order to have your creative ventures take shape and be pleasing to you and others.

Breathing life into creations. Creating beautiful forms. Prana. Singing, performing. Rebirthing. Buteyko breathing methods. Breath meditations. Artists. Glass. Lungs.

The Caution: Failing to take proper care or concentration. Distortions of the truth. Asthma. Smoking too much. Not caring about outcomes or consequences.

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